The Value of Comparing Your Electricity and Gas

It is essential to compare electricity and gas prices to ensure you have a good deal for electricity and gas. This is important whether you want a separate fuel tariff or a dual-energy tariff for your home. How do you benefit from comparing gas and electricity? Here is how:

1. You Avoid Overpaying for Your Energy

Energy costs are one of the most important reasons people compare energies. This is because no one wants to overspend when they could save. Comparing electricity and gas will help you determine which option is cheaper at any particular point and go for that option saving you money.

Generally, it is cheaper to use gas than electricity. But you need to know that although a kilowatt of electricity is more expensive than a megajoule of gas, the amount of energy varies. A kilowatt of electricity has more energy than a megajoule of gas. For instance, a normal gas-powered oven will consume about 12 megajoules of gas while a normal electricity powered oven consumes 2.3 kilowatts of electricity. 

2. Better Service

Have you been having challenges with your energy supplier? Maybe its time you consider whether an alternative energy source and supplier will give you a better service. You can never know whether you can get a better service elsewhere if you do not compare services. Comparing electricity with gas will help you make a choice on which service is better. 

3. Know what Type of Appliances to Buy

There are electricity and gas-powered appliances. Comparing these two sources, energy can help you determine which appliances to buy for your home. It also helps you answer the question of which appliance is a better environmental selection and which one is cost-effective in the long run. 

4. Choose an Option that Best Suits your Needs

If you are looking for a source of heat for purposes of cooking, drying clothes, heating space, and heating water, your needs are not the same as those of one looking for an energy source that can help do almost all the tasks you require energy to do. 

Gas is very effective and affordable when used in cooking, drying clothes, heating space, and water than electricity. On the other hand, electricity can do all the tasks done using gas and many more, making it a better option if you are looking for energy that can be used in many applications. 

5. Buy Appliances that Fits your Pocket

It is cheaper to run gas-powered appliances. But the initial purchasing costs of such appliances are too high. For instance, a new gas-powered oven costs $950-$2000 while an electric one goes for $700-$1500. Comparing both energy sources (gas and electricity) will help you decide which appliance won’t strain you in the long run. For example, if you love cooking, it will be cheaper to go for gas than electricity provided you have a gas connection.  


Both gas and electricity are common energy sources. Worldwide, the number of people who use electricity is higher than those who use gas exclusively despite the fact that gas is cheaper than electricity. But most households use both electricity and gas and therefore comparing these two may only be because they want to know which one they can use more than the other to save costs. 

It is always great to make informed decisions, so you do not feel cheated, and this article shows you the value of comparing energy sources-gas and electricity. Hopefully, you find it helpful. Additional Resources: The value of consolidating and reducing your personal debt | Comparing home loans | Compare Electricity and gas Deals

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